Paypal: Starting November 2020 Paypal payment no longer available, due to policy changes regarding Electronic cigarettes and e-liquid. Paypal no longer allowed to use to pay for e-cigarette products and accessories.

Payment Methods:

Dear Clients!
We are sorry that we are currently unable to accept popular online payments. (ban on electronic cigarettes)

  1. You can send payment (order amount) via: Western Union

  • Debit / Credit Card through Western Union:Western Union
  •  You can send cash through the Post office or Western Union office (can be found here

a). Enter recipient details: Vladimir Prokopiev, Ha-Biluyim 47, Ramat-Gan, 5229752, Gush Dan, Israel, phone: 0543411880.

b). Write me a receipt number, or send it to a photo on my e-mail:

And I will send your order right away.

2. In Israel, payment for the order is available upon receipt at the post office.

(Only for the residents of Israel, can be ordered here ...)