Manual E-Cigs Joyetech CUBIS Atomizer

If you require I information have this its I Atomizer Head replacement: Unscrew the atomizer cap, the atomizer head(with natural cotton) is located on the cap, just unscrew it and replace and clean.

1.Please do not wash the atomizer head with water. Simply scrub it with cotton or clean dry cloth. - Product Introduction II ri 

2.Please drip at least 5 drops of e-juice to the atomizer head and vape a few times CUBIS, adopts innovative and leak resistant cup design, whose coil replacement and juice fill can be achieved by removing this top section from the cup. 

Airflow controls .
= are also contained within the removable top tank assembly, meaning the possibility for leakage or coil flooding is greatly reduced. With the CUBIS atomizer, you'll gain aperfect flavor and more precise vaping experience. ...› 0 in power-off condition (with airflow widely open) before its first use to avoid dry bum. E-juice filling: Separate the atomizer from the battery, and unscrew the mouthpiece base from the atomizer cap. Inject the liquid into e-juice hole at the both sides. 

NOTE: 1. Please don't fill in through the middle hole of the atomizer cap. 

4( How to Assemble 1. Screw the top cap onto the airflow ring and put the mouthpiece onto the top. 2. Drip a few drops into the atomizer head and install it onto the vent pipe. C)

3. Install the above part with the atomizer tube then the whole CUBIS Pro is 

2. Please don't overfill to avoid overflown. Warning 1. Keep out of reach of children.

Manual on the use Clearomizer eGo-H2, for beginners...

I recommend for beginners and advanced Vapers.The simplest and most reliable Cleromizer. I have been a fan of e-cigarettes for more than 5 years, and all the time I return to it!
EGo-H2 Clearomizer, using the adapter 510 \ eGo is designed to work with all types of batteries, power up to 20-25 watts.
- There is no separate drip tip. If you turn eGo-H2 on upside down, you will be surprised to see that the electronic fluid inside the tank does not flow out of the central opening of the mouthpiece.
- Using the scale on the clear clearomizer for H2, you can see how much E-Liquid you are inhaling.
- Capacity, eGo-H2 can contain about 2.0 ml.
- Easy to fill, easy to clean, smooth air flow.- No smell of burning, no leakage, very large steam ..

Basic package:Starter kit eGo-H2 includes, see here ...

In combination with a powerful eGo oNe 1100mAh battery, the electronic cigarette ego-H2 has become a truly valuable replacement for a traditional cigarette!
Clearomizer eGo-H2 device
It consists of a transparent bulb, a base (base) and a removable heating element
Note: Do not turn on the battery for more than 10 seconds to prevent overheating of the cliromizers.Fill the liquid and 30 seconds, do not turn on the battery, (there will be no smell of burning).

The Device Clearomizer Series eGo H2

Refuel Е-Liquid Clearomizer eGo H2

Consists of a transparent bulb, a base (the base) and a removable heating element


  • Bottom arrangement of heating elements (cores) and O-rings of silicone, virtually eliminates leakage of liquid.
  • Has a soft-smoking mixture of flavors and warm thick vaporization.
  • Equipped with eGo / 510 connector can be used with different types of batteries: eGo, eGo-T, eGo-C, Biansi, eGo C TWIST.

Also it can be used on electronic modes using a special adapter / connector eGo / 510.

  • Replacement heating element (seredechnik), compatible with all clearomizers, Series H2

Filling clearomizers or replacing core eGo-H2:

  • Unscrew the lower part of clearomizers (base with core). Replace it if necessary.
  • Fill the e-liquid in the flask, be careful not to drip into the central duct of the flask.
  • Clearomizers refueling or replacement of the core can be done without having to drain the fluid
  • Screw the lower part of the back clearomizers.
  • Allow to soak the wick for 1-2 minutes and clearomizer ready to go.

Abundant you hover !!!

Note: Do not turn on, battery within more than 10 seconds to prevent overheating clearomizers

Basic models clearomizers / Clearomizer Series eGo H2

  • Clearomizer eGo Н2