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Most Frequently asked questions.

  • Recommendations:
    1-2 times a week, rinse the heating elements (Coils) with alcohol. There will be no taste of burning ...
  • Pour 2-3 drops of liquid onto the coil before replacing! There will be no sharp, uncomfortable burning 
  • What is the difference between an atomizer, cartomizer, clearomizer, and a tank?

A: An atomizer is just the heating element, typically requiring insertion into a cone or cylinder shaped attachment before use (these can also be built by the user for use in RDAs and RBAs). A cartomizer is typically a cylindrical tube with a preinstalled atomizer inside surrounded by a wicking material. A clearomizer is a clear tank typically including a preinstalled, prebuilt and disposable atomizer. A tank is the opaque version of a clearomizer.

  • What does NR (or SR) and LR stand for? What difference does it make?

A: Regarding a cartomizer, NR stands for Normal Resistance, which is also sometimes called SR for Standard Resistance, and LR stands for Low Resistance. The higher the resistance of the cartomizer, the higher the ohm rating; the higher the ohm rating the higher the voltage/wattage the atomizer can support. Ex: Having voltage/wattage turned higher then the atomizer can support, will burn it out quicker, and most likely cause a burnt taste in vapor.

  • What is the difference between the single coil and dual coil cartomizer/atomizer?

A: The more coils found in a cartomizer/atomizer the quicker it can vaporize more liquid, dual coil cartomizers/atomizers also tend to last longer.

  • What is battery mAh, why should I increase it?

A: mAh (milli-Amp hours) is the rating which describes how much current a battery can output over time. A higher mAh would allow for longer battery life. Some mods can support various battery types, and it will be listed on our site the different battery sizes that each mod will take.

  • What is “threading” what does it mean to me?

A: Different electronic cigarettes have different attachments and those attachments typically will screw on, so threading is a way to describe the radius and style of the attachment connector. On our site, we only have Ego and 510 threaded devices, and make it clear on the product page which threading is on which device.

  • What does PG/VG stand for? What benefits come from the different blend types?

A: PG and VG are what is used as the solvent, or base, for our e-juices. PG (Propylene Glycol) is a thinner, tasteless liquid, that increases throat hit, and allows for more flavor. VG (Vegetable Glycerin) is a thicker, sweeter liquid, that increases vapor density, has no throat hit, and allows for less flavor. Typically more PG can increase risk of flavor burn, where more VG can reduce flavor potency.

Learn more about Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

  • I think I am allergic to PG what can I do?

A: You can order Max VG as your base, which is the highest concentration of VG (and lowest of PG) that we are able to sell. Here is a great article to read if you think you may have a PG Sensitivity.

  • What are Ohms(Ω):

A: Ohm (Ω) is a unit for measuring the electrical resistance in a wire. When held at a constant voltage, lower resistance coils (1.5Ω – 2.0Ω) will burn hotter and produce more vapor than standard (2.1Ω – 2.6Ω) or high resistance (2.7Ω – 3.2Ω) coils. Standard and higher resistance coils will allow you to use higher voltage devices. Your end goal should be to reach about 8 watts of power total.

  • What is Voltage (volts)?

A: The volts (V) of your battery is the energy per unit charge, or how strongly electrons are pushed through a circuit, and is measured in volts. The volts in your battery will vary depending on whether it is being charged or discharged. A standard ego battery outputs about 3.8 V when charged, and should go no lower than 3.0 V when discharged. A variable voltage device can usually put out between 3.2 to 6 V, and also should go no lower than 3.0 V.

  • What are Watts?

A: Watts (W) measure the final power output of your device. This is found by measuring your Voltage (V) and your Ohms (Ω) and using the following equation: V*V/Ω = W. For example, if we had a 2.0 Ω coil and we were running the device it would look like this:

(4.2V*4.2V)/2Ω = 17.64/2 = 8.82 Watts.

A coil resistance 0.5om (ohm) already requires a more powerful battery at least 35vat (w)!

Most flavors taste best at around 8-65 Watts. This is a recommended wattage, not a mandatory setting, so please do adjust for personal preference.

Note: If you select Clear atomizer and the battery is necessary take this into account (ohm and W) necessarily!

  • What flavor is closest to a traditional cigarette?

The closest taste to a traditional cigarette, I think "Mar-ro" He has a strong taste of tobacco and lightly smoky-sweet notes.

  • What is a Variable Voltage Battery?

A: A Variable Voltage Battery is a type of battery that is designed with the ability to increase or decrease the voltage supplied to the atomizer. This allows for greater versatility, as well as a more controllable vaping experience.

  • What it is the difference between VV vs VW?

A: VV (Variable Voltage) allows you to fine tune the voltage output on a particular battery, in order to achieve your desired vapor output on a particular coil. The correct voltage output is dependent on the ohms rating of the coil that you are using in order to produce the correct Power, or Watts. VW (Variable Wattage) allows you to adjust the wattage output on a particular battery, in order to produce a desired vapor output. The variable wattage is independent of the ohms rating of the coil, and may be adjusted to achieve desired results.

  • What is steeping? How long should I steep for?

A: Steeping is just an oxidation process that occurs between the flavoring, nicotine, and base. We recommend 2-4 weeks of steeping (minimum) for the juice to develop the flavor properly (Tobacco may require 4-6 weeks). Just set the juice out of direct sunlight, shake is once or twice a day during steep time, and you’re good to go. There’s nothing wrong with vaping right away, but you won’t get the best experience unless you steep.

  • Why does my tank leak?

A: There are a few reasons that a tank could be leaking, and leakage is usually a sign of improper assembly. Make sure that none of the threads are crossed during tank assembly, and that all silicone gaskets are firmly in place. Make sure that the wick assembly is intact, and in place. Make sure that the tank is not overfilled, and that no liquid has gotten into the center cylinder. Also, please verify that the atomizer/coil has been placed correctly. If the coil is not properly in place, it may not fire, and it may cause juice to leak from the top or bottom of the tank.

  • Why does my vapor taste burnt?

A burnt flavor could be attributed to the following:

Too high of a voltage/wattage. If using a VV/VW battery, try dialing down the voltage/wattage until a more desirable result is achieved.

If you’re not using a VV/VW battery, make sure that the resistance on the coil is high enough for the battery to output properly. A lower resistance coil will fire hotter, and may contribute to a burnt flavor.

Make sure not to overdo the extra shots, particularly at higher PG blends. Extra shots will thin out the e-juice, and may contribute to a burnt flavor.

The coil on the atomizer may be burnt out. Coils are a disposable portion of the e-cigarette, and have an average life of 1-2 weeks. This lifespan may be longer, or shorter, depending on vape habits. Replacing the coil should alleviate a burnt flavor.

  • How do I turn an Ego battery On or Off?

A: You can turn the Ego style batteries on or off by pressing the fire button 3 – 5 times quickly.

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