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Besides electronic cigarettes , many people continue to smoke regular cigarettes .

A few simple tips and ways to reduce the harm from smoking conventional tobacco, and save money.

The sharp increase in the price of tobacco in the world has led to the fact that many smokers switch to "Roll Your Own" (3-4 times cheaper ).

Roll-your-own cigarettes (also called RYO , MYO , rollies , roll-ups , hand-rolled cigarettes , or simply rolls ) refer to cigarettes made from loose tobacco and rolling paper. Hand-rolled cigarettes give smokers the ability to roll cigarettes of any diameter, thereby varying the strength of the cigarette.

Result: The sharp decline in cigarette consumption and much less chemicals .
" Roll Your Own" pure tobacco (modern cigarettes contain 30-35 % of tobacco, plus non-tobacco ingredients ) and much less chemicals .

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Fácil de usar, 2-3 cigarrillos estropean y aprenden


Máquina manual para el embalaje de tubos de cigarrillos de tabaco «Maker»,,

Con un poco de práctica , un paquete de cigarrillos , puede escribir durante 15-20 minutos .



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