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Designed in Switzerland, Assembled in Israel.

Note: Delivery from Israel

HEETS / Heat Sticks-200psc


Capacity: 900mah, Size:26*17*105mm,

"Hitaste P5" in a practical pocket format allows you to conduct up to 15 (HeatSticks) consecutive sessions without recharging.

With auto-clean function. All in one device!

Delivery from Hong Kong


Buy Heat Sticks iQOS with real tobacco flavor / HEETS 40ps

Enclosed 2 packs of HEETS.

 Each pack contains 20 psc Heat Sticks. (HEETS 40ps)


Brand:Joyetech Mod,


Battery:  5000mah,




eGo-CE4S e-poolFor those who spend much time at your desk or in the car.

USB cable length - 120 сm.


Buy Heat Sticks iQOS with real tobacco flavor / HEETS 40ps

Enclosed 2 packs of HEETS.

 Each pack contains 20 psc Heat Sticks. 


 Batería, 1000mAh con la pantalla LCD para visualizar el ego cigarrillo electrónico permite realizar un seguimiento del número de inhalaciones y muestra el nivel de batería. Muy cómodo, se veía en el mostrador, no queda casi nada para tomar otra batería o cargarla. Batería camarilla Quinta bloqueado se pulsen accidentalmente.

Capacity mAh:

Receives and amplifies the signal, good reception WiFi to 300m.


Designed in Switzerland

Note: Delivery from Israel

HEETS / Heat Sticks: Amber -200psc


Сотовый (SeresRoad) TL-25 5200 Samsung Аккумулятор Power Bank внешнее зарядное устройство с фонариком для мобильных телефонов, ПК 


for Ego-t/Ego-c/Ego-w/Ego-d (48cm)


Rechargeable battery GS eGo II 2200mAh with Clearomizer eGo-H2 (1.5om) - one of the best electronic cigarette!

The diameter of the battery is 18.5mm, and the capacity is 2200mAh


Comfortable leather case with a strap around his neck - stylish, mobile, user-friendly!



Charging case for charging and storing such models as the electronic cigarette EGO / EGO-T / Passthrough and 510/510-T/Passthrough, as well as some mobile phones such as the HTC Wildfire and the Iphone, and for some other digital devices.




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