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D-24.5 mm , HEIGHT-81mm


As-Is Authentic Sanyo UR18650ZTA 18650 3000mAh 3.7V Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries (2-Pack) 30A

Length 64.9mm


Authentic FandyFire Dual Slots 18650 Li-HP Battery Charger, plus Battery 18650 (2ps)

2*18650 batteries 40A / Plug EU /

Can charge 2 batteries at the same time


Battery GS eGo II 2200mAh for electronic cigarette eGo type

Diameter 18,5mm, slightly more than the ordinary batteries, but at times more capacity!


 18650-O40A 3000mah Long battery life 3.7V high discharge 40A strong battery Li-ion Rechargeable 

 с большим сроком службы, высокой ток разрядки 40A, мощная литий-ионная аккумуляторная батарея 


The best option - power and size

Dimensions: 16.5 mm x 85mm


US / ЕU  Plug Universal Charger for 18650/ 18350/ 16340 Battery

AC plug for socket::

VariCore V1 Smart battery Charger Portable Small for

 26650 21700 18650 26650 18500 16340 14500 18350

 3.7V lithium batteries


Optional battery 4200mAh + Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The battery is mounted in a protective cover, by 70-80% increases, battery life.

If required, you can simply take off or add to your smartphone.



Happy Cowboy 2200mAh Variable Voltage E-Cigarette Battery

output voltage can be adjusted from 3.2 V to 4.8 V


Variable wattage - can be adjustable from 2.0W to 20.0W (in .1W increments)

Variable voltage - can be adjustable from 3.0V to 5.5V (in .1V increments)

Suitable for all types Klearomizer / Atomizer and Tanks


EGO-T Rechargeable 3.2V + 3.7V + 4.2V Battery For Electronic Cigarette 3200mAh

Fits for EGO atomizer, CE4 CE6 CE5 CE5+ H2 EVOD atomizer etc

Size: L 98.7*D 19mm


You consider important running time smartphone!

I beg hither.


Battery level indicator


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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