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Vaporizer - evaporator. 

Вапорайзер /  Vaporizer

The name speaks for itself: vaporizer - a device for evaporating, or, to put with technical terms, electrical device, for the release of active substances from the smoking mixture, by heating to the right temperature, without leading up to of the combustion process.

Vaporizer, is the most harmless alternative conventional smoking, in some countries, is used in medicine.

Shisha Hookah Molasses Tobacco, there are also electronic ...

Shisha Hookah

 Electronic Shisha Hookah, is becoming increasingly popular among electronic Viper.
  Classic hookah has a lot of admirers. It is not surprising that with the advent of electronic cigarettes and electronic tubes manufacturers turn and hookahs.

Electronic hookahs today is even more admirers, including the most ardent opponents of smoking, because of their safety.

Advantages of electronic hookah before his fellow classic the same as that of the electronic cigarette to a conventional cigarette. Replacing the smoke hookah flavored vapor mixtures in electronic hookahs undoubtedly beneficial for health enthusiasts hookahs.

Electronic hookah - analogue of the usual hookah whose priority is not required coal, smoked tobacco and hookah liquid filling is less than a minute.
  Hookah can run on the network and offline.

Shisha Hookah Molasses Tobacco, there are also electronic ... (11)
Vaporizer (3)

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The classic hookah

Camel Style 2-Hose Resin Smoking Filter Shisha Hookah w/ Stainless Steel Charcoal Tong


Aluminum Alloy Smoking Filter Shisha Hookah Water Pipe

 height 12.6cm / thickness 3.0cm


Hebe TITAN-II Titan-2 2200mAh Rechargeable Vaporizer Starter Kit

Adjustable temperature: Adjustable from 200-428 Fahrenheit (in 1 Fahrenheit increment)

Change between Fahrenheit and Celsius

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 Classic taste, recommended fobeginners and not only sweet, but not cloying. 

AL FAKHER  Molasses Tobacco (50g)  Production: United Arab Emirates


Snoop Dogg Pen Rechargeable 650mAh Vaporizer Starter Kit

1.6ohm / USB charging cable / US charger

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AC plug for socket::

 Vaporizer Ago g5 portable device for smoking.

AGO G5 7-in-1 Rechargeable 650mAh Dry Content Vaporizer LCD Display Electronic Cigarettes Set

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AC plug for socket::

Starbuzz E-Hose  Electronic Hookah Kit

1.0ml / 2.4ohm /  no nicotine 


The E-Head is a revolutionary new product that works with any type of traditional hookah set up. Enjoy a long hookah smoking session without the need for charcoal or fire.

  The E-Head will work with all type of Vaping E-Liquid and you can mix and match your flavors

AC plug for socket::

ICig Muses 3800mAh Electronic Hookah w/ Bluetooth V2.1 Speaker Function supports handsfree phone call,

 gift complete set


The unique E-liquid Feellife
  Can be used in electronic cigarettes and hookah
Unique recipe, rich taste. This E-liquid is ideal for you if you like bright and intense aromas.
Feellife liquid 10-20-30ml PG / VG MIX
Fortress / density 0-8-18-24-36mg / ml nicotine

Capacity (ML):
Density mg:
Flavor E-liquid Feellife:

Scientific studies have shown that tobacco smoke filtering through the water in the hookah reduces,
maintenance: Nicotine, 90% phenol, 50% of small solid particles, benzopyrene, an aromatic hydrocarbon politsiklikena. The reduction in carcinogenic potential of smoke, which crossed over the water so that a filter failed.


Shisha e-liquid used in the electronic hookahs with water filter / non-filter, and in conventional electronic cigarettes.

Unlike conventional liquids without losing flavor, while passing through the water filter.


Replacement  Atomizer 8.0ml / 2.0ohm for Square E-Head Hookah


Replacement Coil Head for Square E-Head Hookah Head Atomizer 2.0ohm

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