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New Trending Heat Not Burn Product 2019 Healcier Stick Botanical Extracts Sticks for Heating Device for iQOS

 "HEALCIER HeatSticks" Healthy Alternatives to Cigarettes.

No Nicotine. No Tar with Authentic Smoking Feelings

Healcier Plant Extracts Sticks, for all Heating Device compatible with iQOS

Flavors: Regular / Menthol/ Citrus / Blueberry / Customize / Coffee


1. Made of non-tobacco,brand new plant material, the taste is clearly a cigarette, but the lips and teeth are fragrant.

2. No nicotine, no worries of smoke, fresh and natural, no smell, soothing mind and body.

3. Heated cigarettes, do not produce second-hand smoke, benefiting the people around.

4. From the design and the cultivation of raw materials to the whole process of processing and control, more reasonable price, more satisfactory experience.

5.With kinds of patents in hand, products are unparalleled in the world, leading the fashion trend and creating a harmonious future.

6.Japanese brands and technologies, professional teams, new opportunities.


Brand Name: Healcier

Model Number: Healcier Stick

Place of Origin: China

Product Name: Healcier

Material: Batanical Extracts

Patent: Invention Patent

Reviews of "Realcier Stick":

I’ll say right now that I have no problem with nicotine.

In the sort of doses people vape it’s not harmful, using it doesn’t cause the social problems associated with most other drugs, and there’s really no reason to stop using it.

If you do want to stop, though, herbal sticks are probably as good a way as any.

My package included various flavours of Healcier stick; Regular (tobacco-flavoured), Menthol, Blueberry, Citrus, Grapefruit and Coffee. The manufacturer told us that some flavours are designed for the Asian market, which has different tastes, and my experience certainly reflects that – I really didn’t get on with a few of them.

If you do want to stop, though, herbal sticks are probably as good a way as any.

On the other hand, the sticks deliver plenty of vapour – just as much as a HEET – and it’s warm and satisfying. The menthol sticks were pretty good, and I enjoyed the coffee flavour too. Would I switch from HEETs to Healcier sticks? No; I want my nicotine. However, if you want to be nicotine-free for some reason I’d say these are definitely worth a shot. Get a pack of each flavour, try them out and see which ones work for you. Apart from the absence of any nicotine hit they vape just fine.

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