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You can select the available currency (ruble, shekel, dollar, euro ...) in the upper right corner of the page.

pay for the purchase of the following ways:

  • Credit / debit card Visa, MasterCard ..., in any of the supported currency payment via PayPal.

(Not necessarily to have an account with PayPal, or be a registered in the payment system)                     


          Payment by credit / debit card  via PayPal

The payment process:

  1. After selecting this payment method, PayPal page opens  "Choose payment method" 
  2. Select "Payment by credit card" 
  3. Fill your credit card data. 
  4. Check out the information to make sure that everything is correct filled. 
  5. Click Pay, to complete the purchase. Order amount will be automatically deducted from your card.

After completion of payment 
receive a message from PayPal held on payment. 
(If your payment is by credit / debit card was declined, check whether there is money on the card / account)

  •   Payment of the international system through PayPal, in any currency of your country


Note: you can send money to us on PayPal directly, our account is e-mail: (accept many currencies).


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