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 Electronic Cigarette eGo-H2 | GS-H2

with Clearomizer H2 and its modifications GS-H2, Mini H2, GS-H5, H6

Replaces the popular clearomizers Clearomizer CE4, appeared more advanced and reliable in operation Clearomizer | Atomizer eGo-H2 and its modifications.

  Combined with a powerful battery eGo-R 2200mAh, electronic cigarette eGo-H2 has become truly a full replacement for, traditional cigarette!

When choosing an electronic cigarette, attention, first of all, the choice clearomizers / atomizer (motor eto- any e-cigarette). From its construction depends on the quality of smoking "floating" and in most, the name of the cigarette.

User manual electronic cigarette EGO series

The device clearomizers / Clearomizer Series H2

Consists of a transparent bulb, a base (the base) and a removable heating element 


Съемный сердечник для X6S Атомайзер (E-Pool) 5шт

  • Bottom arrangement of heating elements (cores) and O-rings of silicone, virtually eliminates leakage of liquid.
  • Has a soft-smoking mixture of flavors and warm thick vaporization.
  • Equipped with eGo / 510 connector can be used with different types of batteries: eGo, eGo-T, eGo-C, Biansi, eGo C TWIST.

Also it can be used on electronic modes using a special adapter / connector eGo / 510.

  • Replacement heating element (seredechnik), compatible with all clearomizers, Series H2

Filling clearomizers or replacing core eGo-H2:

  • Unscrew the lower part of clearomizers (base with core). Replace it if necessary.
  • Fill the e-liquid in the flask, be careful not to drip into the central duct of the flask.
  • Clearomizers refueling or replacement of the core can be done without having to drain the fluid
  • Screw the lower part of the back clearomizers.
  • Allow to soak the wick for 1-2 minutes and clearomizer ready to go.

Abundant you hover !!!


Do not turn on, battery within more than 10 seconds to prevent overheating clearomizers

Basic models clearomizers / Clearomizer Series H2

1. Clearomizer Н2


Made of chrome-plated brass + polycarbonate

Capacity 2.0 ml

Resistance 2.5ohm

Dimensions 76h14mm

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2. Clearomizer  GS-H2


capacity 1,5ml

   Resistance 2.4ohm

   Dimensions 69h14mm


3.Mini H2 Clearomizer 

h2 mini

capacity 0.8ml

Resistance 2.2ohm

Dimensions 61x11ml

4. Clearomizer GS-H3


capacity 2.0ml

     Resistance 2.4ohm

     Dimensions 67.3x14ml

5. Clearomizer GS-H5


capacity 3.0ml

Resistance 2.4ohm

Dimensions 65.3x18ml

Clearomizer GS-H5 и GS-H5С ideal option paired with battery on 2200-3200mAch

and battery, eGo ONE Joyetech raised capacity 1100mAh / 22000mAh


 6. Clearomizer GS-H5С

GS-H5C Bottom Coil Clearomizer  3.0mLх2.5ohm / eGo Размер71х18мм

7. Clearomizer H6


MATERIAL Chrome plated brass + Glass

capacity 3.0ml

Resistance 2.4ohm

Dimensions 76.3x18ml

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