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DIY e-liquid

How to make the most Liquid for electronic cigarettes and pipes?

жидкости для электронных сигарет

Some definitions Firstly:

 (Stronger throat Hit) PROPYLENE PG400 (BP / USP)

Glycerin VG (BP / USP) (Create More pairs)

Nicotine liguid - Let's in the PG, VG, or as a percentage of both the PG and VG in different force x nicotine.

These are the main ingredients in e-liquid. Add flavor, can be distilled water, vodka, or PGA- (pure grain alcohol) (explained later), and you E-liquid (E-juice). You can use the PG, VG, or a mixture of both, and you can do it without nicotine, if you want to (less a sip HIT).

Nicotine mg nicotine per ml.

(M = milligrams)

(Ml = milliliter)

Approximate Nicotine Loewe units to make your recipe Target level of nicotine. (I'm no expert on this). It is about the level of nicotine that I found most premixed E-liquid to be. I started at 24 mg and gradually decreases in the level of nicotine.


0mg to 10mg = low

11 mg to 16 mg = mean

17 mg to 24 mg = high

25 mg to 36 mg = Extra High

You should never exceed 36 mg (dangerous, I recommend 24 mg or less).

Ароматизатор концентрированный, E-Aroma (вкус концентрат)

The amount of flavor in use: 

Given that the majority's taste, you will need about 5% to 20% (except for some Tobacco Flavor "with you only need 1% to 3%).

I recommend starting with a lower percentage of taste and add more to your taste (some tastes take several days to develop). I recommend doing a small amount until you get a taste that much. You must keep your prescription, so you can do more when you come up with a good flavorOK, let's say you want to x-10ml E-liquid with 18 mg of nicotine per milliliter, 50% PG 50% VG, with 10% of taste and you have unflavored nicotine liquid that is 36 mg of 50% PG 50% VG.

You will need to mix (put in a bottle and shake well).

1 ml of your taste (Assuming your taste 50% PG 50% VG, most of them are 100% PG)

2 ml PG + 2 ml VG (Or 4 ml of 50% PG 50% VG mixed liquid)

5 ml of 36 mg 50% PG 50% VG unflavored nicotine liquid.

1 ml 10% of 10ml (in taste), 2ml-PG and VG x 2 ml (to dilute to 18 mg of nicotine and to keep the 50% PG 50% VG), for a total flavor, PG, VG is x 5ml. This reduced-x 5ml nicotine to half its intensity (from 36 mg to 18 mg).

EXAMPLE Years mixture above  click on the link:  E-liquid calculator:

I never add water, vodka, or PGA- (pure grain alcohol). They can be used to dilute the E-liquid (Make it thinner) may be required if you use 100% VG, because it is very thick (use about 1% to 5% distilled water, vodka, or PGA), alcohol also provides a more powerful throat hit.

That was just an example for a more complex combination of years. Fes in the E-Liquid Calculator "this site are very useful for determining how much of each ingredient you need in your recipe. You can also save your recipe in the E-liquid calculator, book marking (add) Calculator After you Calculate your recipe. Much more information about the e-liquid mixing can be found in the electronic cigarette forum, listed in the menu on this site

One ml (milliliter) = one CC (cubic centimeter) - they are equivalent.

I use 10 mL syringe without a needle to the liquid nicotine and PG / VG. I have another 1 ml syringe with a needle, I use for each flavor. I label each syringe with a number and assigned a number to each flavor. I keep syringes with needle cover and put them all in a Tupperware container.

You can use drops to determine your tastes, but if you do, you have to calculate how many drop out of your Dropper 1 ml equal for each ingredient and found that the number   in the(E Liguid калькулятор), like all Dropper are different, and the viscosity of the liquid to make s the difference.

I use 5 ml, 10 ml and 30 ml dropper tip to mix.

There are many ways to get a job, find what works for you best. I hope this helped! Check out for more information and ideas E-CIG Forum.


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