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User manual electronic cigarette EGO series
  with Klearomizer / Atomaizer ce4, eGo-H2 and its modifications GS-H2, X6S ...


Personal experience:

2-3 weeks after switching to electronic cigarettes, you will feel a stunning effect!

As if you quit smoking completely.

- Disappears otdyshka
- Cough passes gradually

Disappeared from the house smells, clothes, mouth ...
Do not listen to agents of the tobacco mafia world, about the dangers of electronic cigarettes!

Please carefully read the instructions before using

 Электронные сигареты (E-POOL) eGo-CE4S  900mAh   E-Cigarette eGo-CE4, eGo-H2...

 Its principle of operation is very simple.

 Battery operated a special chip, supplies current to the heating element, which, in turn, begins to fall for it to evaporate the liquid. The main component of the liquid for electronic cigarettes are safe to health


Kit e cigarette eGo-CE4 includes:

 Clearomizer CE4 

 650 or 900-2200mAh battery 

 Charger USB 

Adapter 220v

Battery: Battery capacity: 650-900 mAh. Constant output voltage: 3.3V Has indication of remaining battery life and protection against accidental startup (five-time pressing), unlike previous models.

Новое! Аккумуляторная батарея EGO-T 3200mAh для электронных сигарет EGO/510

   Now we sell is a powerful battery 2200-3200mAch!

   You can Vaper free up to 2-3 days!


экономичный, без протечек и капризов клиромайзер СЕ4, eGo-F15

  To use the electronic cigarette Clearomizer CE4, accommodating 1.6-2.0ml of liquid. Totally not recommended to charge 1.6ml enough. It has proved to be a great party. No leaks, great taste transmission fluid, low flow rate, one filling in the missing day. Periodically, Removable clearomizers needs to change.

 Charger from USB-port

The charger is compatible with previous models eGo. Input: 5 V, 500 mA. Output: 4.2 V, 420 mA. Suitable for any type of battery eGo.



marlboroFor electronic cigarettes apply the liquid with different strength and flavors for every taste. The package included 10ml of liquid, such as, Marlboro, fortress-medium. For filling the liquid, remove gently rotating the cartridge (mouthpiece) and drip bottle, but not in the central hole and the side wall on the flask. 

Klearomizer eGo-H2 and X6S


ce4 ego


 After the initial filling liquid, wait 2-3 minutes! (Otherwise, may burn spiral).

Unlocking the battery: When handling (all new kits) batteries are in the locked position. To translate the battery in working condition, quickly press the power button 5 times. If done correctly, the LED on the battery will blink three times to indicate that you unlock.

Lock the battery. For carrying and storing the product has a function lock the battery from being accidentally pressed. To lock, press the power button 5 times within one and a half seconds. To unlock, repeat the procedure. In atomizer is heated and evaporation of the liquid. The normal operating temperature of the heating element is 200 degrees Celsius. The fluid enters the heating element at the expense of the differential pressure

Air in the implementation of  "tightening". Heat is generated by supplying current to the heating coils, which makes contact with the fluid in its vapor. You need to force yourself to choose the "puffs". E-cigarette battery


The first charge of the battery, not including the factory, is not less than 8 hours. Even if the green signal to the charger, disconnect. To extend battery life, it is necessary to avoid excessive heat or exposed to moisture. Do not disassemble it or subject it to physical shocks. The battery is equipped with short-circuit protection. Also built-in battery is a special device to protect it from overcharging. After a full charge process is terminated automatically. Usually full charge eGo-C takes about 2-3 hours (charging time will vary depending on the type of battery). If you work a cigarette LED will blink rapidly 40 times, it means that the battery is completely dead, and it urgently needs to be recharged. Do not store batteries in a discharged state.  How to charge the battery.

 To charge the battery screw it to the USB-charger, then plug the charger into a computer or a network adapter 220. The LED on the control button battery with flashes 5 times quickly, and the LED on the charger will turn red, indicating that the charging process has gone. Once the color change to green LEDs, it means that the charging is finished.

Recommend that before every exercise, wipe the contacts on the battery and Clearomizer (out residues, to improve traction), it is possible with a damp cloth, for convenience, use a wooden stick or a match.

Liquid for electronic cigarettes

 Warning: - Nicotine can be toxic if inhaled, swallowed or by skin contact.

- Nicotine is an irritant effect to the eyes and skin. - Nicotine is dangerous for pregnant women and affects the development of the unborn child. - If you regularly hit of nicotine on the skin, it can cause irritation. - In case of an overdose of nicotine or if you feel unwell after eating nikotino  liquids using electronic cigarettes, seek medical advice immediately (if possible show him the cartridge). - The remains liquid for electronic cigarettes and used print cartridges must be disposed of in accordance with local codes for disposal requirements. - After using the electronic cigarette, it is best to put in a special place, protected from the children.

 - All liquids containing nicotine should be stored in a safe place, out of reach of children and pets ..

 The use of electronic cigarettes.

 Take your lips mouthpiece in your mouth and inhale the steam while pressing the power button. The steam will be generated as long as you hold the button down. Do not bite down mouthpiece teeth - this can lead to damage. Warranty The battery for electronic cigarette eGo series under warranty 2 months of purchase. The battery life under normal use, can dostigat1-1, 5 years.

Novelty of the year!

 Electronic cigarettes Joyetech eGo ONE 1100-2200mAh

We present latest developments from the company «Joyetech»,

Electronic Cigarettes of new generation eGo ONE.

ego ONE
Joyetech eGo ONE, has broken all records of popularity. It was said:

"Was born, murderer for electronic cigarettes series EGO / EVOD / Twist ...!»

For today it a small (fits in the palm of your hand), easy to use and powerful «vaping-smoking" machine, intended for both beginners and experienced "smokers - vaperov."

This "product" changes the rules of the game for the entire market of electronic cigarettes!

eGo ONE kit, rechargeable batteries to choose from:

  1100mAch - length and diameter 58.5х 19 mm (2.30"x 0.75")
  2200mAch - length and diameter (85х19) mm
Atomizer - Capacity: 1,8ml size (46 x 19) mm (1.81"x 0.75")
Atomizer - Capacity: 2,5ml size: (61.5х19) mm
Presented 3 different sets of Ego One, in an assortment and their accessories. Guarantee that this is the original.

Please note the size Ego Onex, various modifications (cigarettes assembly with atomizer), they are less than that of a normal eGo-Ge4 650mAh, but many times more power, plus the reliability and original design!


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